Industry Solutions

With a passion for providing solutions for all things storage, no matter how big or small, Okara have developed a wide range of products and services.

Okara can design and construct a warehousing solution individually tailored to your business that can be engineered and installed at almost a third of the cost of conventional shed solutions. The structures require minimal foundations, are completely portable and don’t require a Council building approval. The fully hot dipped galvanised frames have a 25-year warranty, the canvacon covers have a 10- year warranty and the structure is cyclone rated for zone 3 conditions.

These igloos can be of any length and width. Completed projects have ranged in size from 180m long x 65m wide x 18m high down to 75m long x 28m wide x 13m high. The igloos can be fully sealed, include automated roller doors and personal access doors, have a concrete floor if required and are able to be anchored to containers or certified concrete L panels made in Australia by Okara.

Concrete L panels have been patented by Okara and we have moulds for these panels in both Australia and New Zealand. The panels are constructed to form storage bunkers and can then be fully sealed with an igloo, tarped and aerated or left uncovered depending on your individual requirements.

New Zealand

  • In 2019 Okara were engaged by Ravensdown Fertiliser NZ to construct an igloo for the storage of bulk agricultural lime at Te Kuiti on the north island. This igloo was 75m long x 28m wide x 13m high and was engineered by Okara to include arch bracing to support an internal conveyor system and fully automated roller doors on both ends. We built the entire igloo on site and fabricated all the panels, poured the slab, erected the frame and pulled the covers.
  • We have been engaged by Ravensdown Fertilisers to construct a larger igloo on another site on the South Island at Geraldine.
  • We are currently working to complete a project in New Zealand at Pukeawa on the north island for Mercer Mushrooms. This igloo is 105m long x 45m wide by 15m high and was again fully designed and constructed on site by Okara including panels, concrete floor and automated roller doors on both ends.


  • In December 2020 Okara were engaged by Amaretto Almonds Victoria to build 2 bunkers 100m long x 15m wide by 1m high in South Australia which will utilise existing tarps as a cover for the walls and will result in a fully sealed storage solution for the almonds. The 2020 cropping season saw excessive losses across the entire growing area due to rain exposure. The project also includes 1 60m long x 15m wide by 1m high bunker that will utilise existing tarps to ensure protection from the rain. Okara designed a system for internal use in this bunker to include an aeration unit, fan, ducting, moisture probes and piping back to the fan.
  • In January 2021 Okara were engaged by Koch Fertilisers Victoria and Queensland Sugar in Mackay to manufacture and supply concrete L and T panels for use in their warehouses to separate and store multiple products.