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Okara Pty Ltd is the family owned company of Phill and Kay Casey and has been operating in Australia for over 40 years.

Okara are located on the Port of Bundaberg in the Wide Bay Burnett region approximately 185 kilometres from Gladstone and 365 kilometres from Brisbane making this a desirable location for import and export trade and a cost effective alternative to the larger Ports.

With a focus on providing solutions for bulk commodity transport and storage for the primary industry and agricultural sectors in both Australia and New Zealand Okara has developed systems designed to provide the complete transport, storage, handling and ship loading/unloading service for our customers.

All Okara projects are 100% delivered by our experienced and friendly staff and we are with you all the way through your journey ensuring safe and efficient delivery on time every time. Okara are committed to safe work practices and have been proudly incident and injury free in our 6 years on the Port. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and provide a rewarding work environment for all of our wonderful staff that make up the Okara family.

Our storage and handling services are supported by a modern fleet of bulk carriers including truck and dogs, supa tilt drop deck and semi flat top trailers with container pins and winches, body trucks and semi trailers.

So whether you need storage on your site or ours, reliable and cost effective transport, export/import loading and unloading or a cost effective warehousing solution for anything from grains and pulses, fertiliser, sands and minerals or even your plant and equipment and workshop requirements Okara are your one stop shop.

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Okara operate a specialised modern transport fleet of b double truck and trailers, supa tilt and semi flat top trailers with container pins and winches, side loader and body truck and semi trailer combinations.


Industry Solutions

With a passion for providing solutions for all things storage, no matter how big or small, Okara have developed a wide range of products and services.



Okara occupy 20000 square metres of land on the Port of Bundaberg in close proximity to the Sir Thomas Hiley Wharf. We are ideally positioned to facilitate import and export opportunities by providing secure, affordable storage for dry commodities, palletised products, container storage and liquid iso storage.


Ship Loading/Unloading

Okara have been supplying ship load and unload services on the Port since 2016. The planned upgrade to our storage facility during 2022 will result in two hectares of hard stand storage including uncovered bunkers, a sealed bunker capable of holding 30000 tonne of dry commodity for export and hardstand for palletised products and bulk liquids.

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